What are the benefits of AR in the health industry?

After some time ago we discussed how AR technology can be applied in the business field, now we will discuss how AR technology can be applied in the health sector. Currently the health sector is one of the most important areas in the lives of many people. This is because the health sector deals with life and death as well as whether or not a person is cured.

In recent times, AR has been used in the health education sector to train aspiring doctors. According to medcitynews.com, it is estimated that the global AR market will increase by 23% from 2017 to 2023 in the healthcare industry. It is not surprising that the use of AR in the healthcare industry is increasing rapidly.

Health workers are required to study and understand all parts of the human anatomy. AR helps them to provide visualization and allows them to interact directly with three-dimensional body representations. AR also helps to provide faster and more detailed patient data so that it can save doctors time when there is an emergency condition and the rate of patients being saved is also higher. 

In addition, the use of AR also provides benefits for doctors to see how the drugs given work in the patient’s body. This allows the doctor to avoid unwanted things such as contradictions and drug allergies. The existence of AR technology also helps surgeons to study the anatomy of the patient’s body without having to perform surgery first. This is certainly beneficial for the surgeon to minimize the occurrence of surgical errors or malpractice.

AR can also help nurses find the blood vessel they are looking for without taking long. AR is not only useful for medical personnel, AR also helps patients to more easily understand what procedures will be performed on patients. Patients also find it easier to convey the complaints they experience through AR so that their disease can be diagnosed accurately.

Of the many benefits above, of course we hope that AR technology can also help both health workers and patients, especially in dealing with the spread of COVID-19, which is increasing every day.  If you have any questions, we’re happy to help you and invite you to take a look at our product especially for the implementation of AR in the healthcare industry. (Putri-Fortuna/News)

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