Getting to Know Extended Reality (XR)

The development of technology in the world is not in doubt. The technology we use is getting more sophisticated and extraordinary every day. So far, most people only know technology in the form of AI, AR, and VR. But did you know that there is a new technology development, namely Extended Reality or what is commonly known as XR.

XR itself is a technology that can be used to describe and unify immersive technology. XR is able to combine the physical and virtual worlds simultaneously. The XR technology is believed to be able to bring big changes and make human life easier in the future. According to, the use of XR in 2022 can be estimated to even exceed $ 200 billion.

This XR technology is a combination of three world immersive technologies, namely AR, VR and MR or Mixed Reality. conducted a survey on XR which gave results, in which 60% of respondents said that in the next 5 years XR technology will become a technology that is mainstream and easy to find. Moreover, supported by the development of 5G technology, XR is expected to be able to provide data more quickly, easily and accurately.

This XR technology has been used in several companies to provide innovative and safer training for their workers. This is because XR has 3D audio and Human Interface Machines or HMI. XR technology is also able to help designers and engineers to carry out tests on industrial products, help engineers to easily compare the model to be used and determine the best process to run. By using this technology allows companies to save more costs in making prototypes and also the necessary physical tests. 

The use of XR is also believed to be able to provide opportunities for workers to do remote work better without distance and space limitations. Of course, with this opportunity XR technology will be of great help, especially in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic where remote working has become a new habit at work.

Actually there are many advantages and how this XR technology can be applied in various fields. But it won’t be enough if you only discuss it in one article. So, stay tuned for the next article. (Putri-Fortuna/News)

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