The Future of Augmented Reality: AR Glasses

Hi, ARUFriens! So far, people have known AR technology through games like Pokemon GO and also through filters on social media like Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. But did you know that it turns out that AR also has smart glasses like VR. Many well-known and growing companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Bose and AR Labs are racing to release AR glasses in the next 2 to 5 years.

AR smart glasses are smart glasses that can be worn like ordinary glasses that can merge virtual information with physical information in a user’s view field. According to, there are some benefits of using AR smart glasses over cell phone or tablet : 

  • You don’t need to look down while using AR smart glasses
  • You can following instruction without holding or refer to a device
  • You can viewing entertainment in a new way
  • More easily and efficiently to multitasking because your both hands are free
  • AR smart glasses can process more informations about environment around you more faster
  • More connected to family, friends and people around yo

These advantages make AR demand from year to year continue to increase. According to, in 2016 AR requests were only at 150 thousand and in 2020 AR requests had reached 10.7 million units. In 2022 it is predicted that the demand for AR smart glasses will reach 22.8 million. Truly a number that shows the rapid progress of this technological development.

The price of AR smart glasses also varies. Starting from $ 499 to $ 1,950. In 2021, there are several AR smart glasses planned to be released. One of the most widely reported ones is Facebook smart glasses. Facebook will collaborate with luxury eyewear brand Luxottica and the specs will be Ray-Ban branded. 

After knowing that AR smart glasses are an interesting product, are you interested in buying or using them? (Putri-Fortuna/News)

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