PROPERIA AR: The Revolution of Marketing Program in Real Estate Industry

In the end of 2020, Augmented Reality (AR) is gaining popularity in almost every industry. One of the main benefits of AR is the ability to visualise information in 3D rather than 2D and it can be a good solution especially for the real estate industry, because it can create an interactive experience that is intuitive and informative to the potential customers. Thus, AR has a possibility of showing a realistic building in 3D detail on a customer’s smartphone.

During COVID-19, the real estate industry kept struggling to boost their sales. On the other way, they don’t have any innovation to promote their properties to customers such as unemotive text descriptions, bad photos quality, or don’t have much time to visit each site with clients due this pandemic.

Based on those problems, ARUTALA developed an innovative app for the Real Estate Industry, called PROPERIA AR. This product delivers the possibility to present a property developer’s design, idea and product to their customers, even when the physical building hasn’t started its early development. We do believe that PROP

ERIA AR can make customers more interested and involved with the visualization of the property, thus customers can visit a property and get detailed information by looking at the product only on their smartphone. 

This product has 2 (two) main features, such as AR Property & Virtual 360 Tour. First feature is AR Property, this feature allows the customer to see the property in 3D models so they get more information about the property. Second, is Virtual 360 Tour, developers can showcase a 360 lifelike view of their properties via virtual tours on the inside of the building. Moreover, PROPERIA AR has a lots of advantages, such as:

  • Bring Marketing Program to the Next Level

PROPERIA AR opens the possibility to boost marketing programs with an unique experience to the potential customers. During pandemic COVID-19, customers may not be able to visit the property, PROPERIA AR may represent the new ways of marketing programs to engage business communication for showcases to the potential customers.

  • Increase Customer Engagement with The Property

Nowadays, lots of developers provide 2D for their marketing tools and don’t offer much detailed information for the customers. PROPERIA AR can help to increase customer engagement by presenting 3D models and Virtual 360 Tours and make customers more interested and involved.

  • Customized Application

We know that every developer has their own uniqueness and taste of architecture, through PROPERIA AR we can help developers to create unique, artistic, and realistic 3D models based on the developer’s properties. 

In the end, we believe that PROPERIA AR will enrich the customer experience in the real estate industry. Stay tuned for more articles about Immersive Technology, if you have any questions, we’re happy to help you and invite you to take a look at our product. More info: (S. Bagus Yudananto Nugroho – News)

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