Everything You Need to Know about Oculus Quest 2

In this pandemic situation, games become very popular to overcome boredom for staying at home. Thus, Virtual Reality (VR) might be one of the best solutions to generate virtual programs in several sectors, such as education, retail, mechanical, tourism, and mining sectors. That’s why, the most popular VR brand named Oculus released a new product called Oculus Quest 2. This Oculus Quest 2 released on October 13, 2020 and is an update from Oculus Quest 2019. On Oculus’ website, they claim that this Oculus Quest 2 is their most advanced all in one VR system. 

The price of the Oculus Quest 2 is priced at $299 USD which makes this VR quest become one of the lowest priced headsets on market. Some people may ask what differs Oculus Quest 1 and Quest 2. And here some differences between them : 

  • The price

The Quest 1 is priced at $399 USD which makes it more expensive than Quest 2. Even when you compared the price with another VR brand, Oculus Quest 2 still has the cheaper price in the market. 

  • Pixels 

Oculus Quest 2 has a higher pixel which is 1832 x 1920 compared to the Quest 1 which only has 1440 x 1600 pixels. That higher pixel makes Oculus Quest 2 have a higher resolution screen. 

  • Weight

Oculus Quest 2 is more light than the Quest 1. Quest 2’s weight is 503 grams while Quest 1’s weight is 571 grams. 

  • RAM and storage

Quest 2 has a bigger RAM which is 6GB compared to the Quest 1 which only has 4GB RAM. Storage from Quest 2 can reach up to 256 GB while the Quest 1 can only reach up to 128 GB.

Although it has advantages, but there are some people who doesn’t recommend using Oculus Quest 2 because of this reasons : 

  • Head Strap 

Oculus Quest 2 used a different headstrap than the previous one. If the Quest 1 used a single rubber as a head strap, Quest 2 prefers to use split-strap that feels uncomfortable for the users. Use of this kind of head strap makes it feel so complex and tricky to use. 

Oculus gives a solution to fix this uncomfortable strap. You need to buy the Quest 2 Elite Strap at a price of $50 USD. This makes some people think that Oculus Quest 2 real price isn’t $299 USD but $349 USD with the $50 USD cost for the head strap. 

  • Battery life 

Some people say that Quest 2’s battery life compared to the previous one makes no difference. It lasts for 2 hours to play on. But the good news, the controller is designed to increase battery life because it has fewer infrared sensors. 

Now, let’s see what games that you can play using this Quest Oculus 2. We suggested some popular games that you can play using this new VR tech :

  • The Walking Dead : Saints and Sinners 
  • Population: One
  • Beat Saber 
  • Dash Dash World 
  • Etc

After reading about this Quest Oculus 2, are you gonna buy it? Or what games or projects do you want to play with Quest Oculus 2? If you have an idea of how to use VR for your program or project, just contact us through hi@aruvana.dojobox.id and we can make it real! (Putri-Fortuna/News)

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