ARUTALA visits the French Embassy

Bonjour à tous! Hello ARUFriends. At the end of April, ARUTALA received an invitation from the French Embassy. Indra Haryadi (ARUTALA’s Chief Of Executive Officer) and Preva Dimas (Sr. Business Development Officer) was welcomed by Maxime de Braquilanges, Head of Tech & Services Department  in The French Trade Commission Business France.

Tech and services department itself focused on fostering the growth of SMEs and mid-sized companies. Help with the business, market, and even financial support by matching with foreign investors that have interest in the business. While it is mostly bringing recognition for French startups, it also widens to a more international client. With 87 offices that spread around 124 countries. To sum it up, this department brings together startups, investors, policymakers and community builders, to help with launching and grow to a global company. 

The warm welcome started with ARUTALA’s introduction from Mr. Maxime, he further elaborates ARUTALA as a company and what achievements, projects and products ARUTALA accomplished in just one year after it launched. During this visit ARUTALA was given an opportunity to display one of the products, ARULAB Excav VR. Come to our surprise on how amazed Mr. Maxime to the development that ARUTALA has, especially on its 3D animation. 

With the excitement that comes from this meeting we have hopes and are optimistic that there could be a collaboration and cooperation in the future with French companies and startups that focused on technology or are interested in implementing technology for further innovation. 

One goal each company has is to put its name on the map, increase recognition and raise exposure. This meeting was the second step after participating in Hannover Messe 2021: Digital Edition, where many tech startups in Indonesia joined to promote its developing digital industry. Positive response from Mr. Maxime really shows how Indonesia is on a fast track in the 4th industrial revolution. 

An international recognition is an achievement ARUTALA proud to present in hope of a wider exposure. Since the visit, ARUTALA has come up with ideas on the project that we are going to propose. Keep an update here at for our upcoming projects that will increase the popularity of Indonesia’s high-end technology. (Trescha – News)

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