ARUTALA Brown Bag Edition: Increase Virtual Tour Experience Using 360°

Imagine yourself being in a new location like the museum, there are artifacts to see and rooms you can enter, right? Now imagine visiting those places through your phone or desktop, imagine being able to visit places that are abroad or just about twelve hours drive from home.  

If that is the kind of luxury you would like to see, then 360° Virtual Tour might suit your needs of curiosity. 

What is a 360° virtual tour? It is a collection of pictures or videos that are combined to create a full 360-degree view, in other words offers the possibility to view every corner and rotate the designated location. The virtual tour is created using a special camera and specific method to combine pictures, videos, and even maps to create a virtual experience. National Geographic is a television network that uses this method to create 360° videos, viewers can actually see the surroundings of the video while the video is playing.  

This feature surely brings many advantages to a lot of sectors, for instance it can provide a virtual tour for school and university. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, future students and high school seniors are not able to visit their designated school and university due to the strict health protocols. Using 360° Virtual Tour, schools and universities can now offer an online tour as a part of their introduction. 

Of course opportunities are not complete without business taking part of it. With features given by 360° Virtual Tour hotels, restaurants, real estate, and also tourist attractions can use this chance to create an interactive promotion strategy. Guests and visitors will be able to have a live view of what to expect from the places they’re going to visit. You can visit to give you an overview of the 360° Virtual Tour on ARUTALA’s office and this link for a 360° video overview.  

With the internet that is now easily accessed, Virtual Tour gives convenience to customers and also companies. Low cost and high accessibility will become the main marketing and promotion strategy that will surely attract the public’s eye. Find out more about what development technology brings in and discover ways technology benefits many aspects in life. (Trescha – News)

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