Athletic and Tech: The Use of VR in The Sports Industry

The use of VR seems limitless, as technology advances, many aspects in life adapt to the progress and we can also see a significant rise in those aspects. Speaking of the unlimited, in this article we will discuss the use of virtual reality (VR) in the sports industry, how tech is more than live television streaming, and how it could benefit the athletic sectors 

The use of VR in sports is not something new, has been proposed and even practiced in some countries. American football, Nascar, Soccer, Basketball, and Poker have become one of the sports sectors that already use VR in training and even in match. Used to aid athletic performance measurement as well as technical analysis, also in clothing/equipment design and to enhance audience experience.

Sports is one of the sectors that gives out risk in training and performance, using VR is seen as a way to reduce risk of injuries for the athletes while practicing. VR also helps avoid the unpredictable weather, risk of heat strokes in summer and hypothermia during the winter. With indoor practice using VR, athletes could still have a visualization of actual outdoor practice, bringing safety while maintaining wealth. 

The word limitless opens more opportunities in this industry, making VR usable for the audience as well. Live sports event shows the audience what the camera is aiming at, VR widens the opportunity for an actual view, or we can say that the audience could actually feel like watching the event directly in the stadium while sitting on their couch. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic that limits our activities, implementing VR in sports is actually beneficial. For the audience and also the athlete, the virus affects many individuals, even the healthy ones like athletes. Just like online games, athletes could still practice and play with their teammates while keeping a safe distance. 

As mentioned above, social distancing limits our daily activity, which also means watching live sports events are banned due to health regulations. Since television only limits the entertainment and excitement of on the spot match, VR brings the ‘real life’ experience in watching sports events. 

This development is hoped to be seen in many parts of the world, because this could also mean that fans could have that live stadium feeling watching their favorite team play on the field. Well that is our take on virtual reality in sports, tuned in for more exciting news on immersive technology development on and other news on how technology can benefit us in many ways.  (Putri Fortuna – News)

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