The Uses of AR Technology in Military Sector

Modern technology has become more sophisticated. Rapid development reached the point where technology is implemented in all aspects of life, including education, business, construction, even the military. In this article, we are going to discuss the further use of AR in technology in the military. 

For the purpose of national security, it is important that our military also evolve with the changes in technology, whereas threats are not only seen in the field, but also in the internet. Speaking of the defense sector, the military is both dangerous and critical to the country. Functioning as the defense system, it is impossible to set aside the risk brought up during training or field combat. And with that it is also crucial to implement advanced technology to decrease the risk for soldiers. 

 The following benefits includes: 

  • AR application on a sand table 

One of the well known uses of AR technology in the military since the middle-age. Sandtable became the implementation of AR technology in the military, specifically for commanders to organize combat strategy. A slight issue at the moment is that the traditional sandtable can not be adjusted is a limitation of strategy making. USA then created Augmented Reality Sandtable (ARES), that can instantly adjust strategy to the current field condition using hand gestures.  

  • Assistance for a real-life combat experience during training 

Military training does not provide the challenges faced in the field because during this training soldiers are only shooting at firing boards. Using AR, soldiers are trained with life combat simulation, like Call of Duty or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This will increase response during war, decision making, and also reduce the risk of post-war trauma.   

  • First aid training for on-sight injuries

 War comes with multiple injuries, limited resources can increase risk caused by the injuries. Hence, it is important to train soldiers to alert and responsive in order to give the right aid for war injuries. Using AR, not only will soldiers be trained for combat, but simulation provided also trains soldiers to perform a first aid assistance caused by gunshot wounds, bombing, and ruins. 

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Therapy 

PTSD is a known mental condition triggered by a traumatic or terrifying event, this condition is commonly found in soldiers that came back from war. PTSD therapy helps soldiers get out of their state of mind that “trapped” them in a mental and emotional war zone. 

AR technology became one method used for PTSD.  This is done by creating a virtual world in a safe environment. The world created is facilitated with sound, scent, and even sensory. The additional elements become a trigger, causing the patient’s condition to be stimulated and allowing them to become accustomed to the situation in a safe environment where they will have nothing to fear.

Technology has become the alternative for pre and post events, where some are proven to be more effective than the traditional method. It is still not a common method, the USA became one of the countries that has implemented the use of technology for its defense sector. As for now ARUTALA will give you weekly updates on the immersive technology development that you can read on, stay tuned for more updates on ARUTALA. (Putri Fortuna-News)

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