ARULAB Flight VR: How Virtual Reality is Reshaping Marketing Industry

Over the past few years, Virtual Reality (VR) is playing a critical role in supporting businesses to perform their marketing and operations as smoothly as possible. It’s because VR has quickly become one of the most accessible ways to market, especially how we communicate, engage, and bring new experiences to customers. Because VR is much more than just a device, it’s a lived experience.

On the other hand, VR also helps companies to reduce their costs so they no longer spend more money on marketing programs. We wanted to showcase one of our creative ways for bringing VR marketing to the next level, as always, we are committed to innovation in an effort to provide the most valuable experiences for people on our product.  

In collaboration with FROGS Indonesia (Indonesia’s first drone passenger company), ARUTALA developed virtual passenger flight simulation through VR technology, we called it Passenger Drone VR. Becoming the frontier of drone technology in Indonesia, FROGS need to attend many exhibitions in multiple places at once. The problem occurs since it requires high effort to transport the drone unit from one exhibition to another one, not to mention the inability to do multiple exhibitions at once since the drone unit is limited. 

Based on that problem, ARUTALA with the latest VR technology is able to solve that problem and help FROGS by giving futuristic experience on how people will feel, once the FROGS Drone Passenger becomes available in the market.

So what’s the results?

  • Reduce Marketing & Operational Expenses

The first result is we can help FROGS Indonesia to save their marketing & operational cost, because they no longer need to bring the prototype unit to all the exhibitions, and above all, it saves time.

  • Provide Marketing Program to The Next Level

While audiences are becoming more and more sophisticated and are looking for engagement, Passenger Drone VR can increase engagement rates of the audience. This means VR enables FROGS to place their brand image closer to the eyes of audiences, so they not only see it, but experience it. These figures clearly show one of the benefits of using VR, creating an emotion effect that other marketing tools cannot achieve.

  • New Ways of Storytelling

Offering audiences a virtual passenger simulation experience also allows them to connect with a product in a new way, this also making a new association with flying experience with FROGS Drone Passenger that they may have never had before. This also brings a new dimension and perspective to storytelling to the audience.

As it grows, VR can dramatically boost efficiency and help a brand to show their unique value proposition. We have explained how Passenger Drone VR can bring the new way of marketing program and can add exceptional value to your business. 

Browse our portfolio to see our experience in virtual reality app development and contact us for a detailed discussion of your VR project. If you have an idea of how to use VR for your marketing campaign, we can make it real! (S. Bagus Yudananto Nugroho – News)

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