ARULAB Excav VR: The Future of Virtual Training in Heavy Equipment Industry

The evolution of Virtual Reality (VR) is changing the way corporations utilize simulation to virtual training and we can see that during COVID-19, simulation technology through VR has improved drastically. Based on one of the articles from Forbes, they said that “VR is the next logical step in making simulation resemble the world around us”.

As we have discussed before in our previous article, Virtual Reality or VR is defined as a simulated experience that can be similar to the real world, VR also enables users to interact within an artificial 3D environment. Now, VR allows corporations to create unique scenarios in which team members or employees can learn and practice through virtual environments to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Previously, ARUTALA has successfully collaborated with Matador Myanmar through a VR training simulator, called ARULAB Excav VR. Matador Myanmar is one of the leading brand machinery with the highest standard in design and technology development worldwide. Our mission is to deliver maximum impact in its mechanical training such as help their mechanics to understand the internal parts and show how to do a proper troubleshooting.

What is ARULAB Excav VR?

ARULAB Excav VR is a VR simulation based with realistic machine control to help and optimize excavator training with less risk, less cost, but maximum results. This product offers a way to provide an immersive e-learning experience without having to visit the on-site location.

What are the Advantages of ARULAB Excav VR?

  1. Safer for high risk situations, that can reduce workplace accidents, so every employee can learn safety without concern of any mistake that causes damage to the machinery.
  2. Reduce maintenance & training cost of on-the job training, because it will help to save operational and training costs such as fuel, electricity, etc.
  3. A more realistic experience of mechanical training, gives employees the feeling of what it’s like, understands every part and shows how to do a proper troubleshooting during operating Matador’s Excavator.
  4. Increase efficiency and improve the training process, help to increase time efficiency and make sure that each training session is identical for everyone.


To deliver the maximum impact of learning and training program, this product provides several training modules from how to do assembly and disassembly in engine, how to processes occur in engine, and how to do maintenance processing in engine, and we defined into 6 (six) modules, such as:

  • Fuel System

This module contains in depth explanation on fuel system components, how to change fuel filters, common rail system explanation, and about fuel quality.

  • Lubrication System

This module contains in depth explanation on lubcuration system components, and how to do oil change.

  • Head Cylinder & Timing Gear Chain

This module contains in depth on head cylinder and timing gear chain components, and how to dial timing gear, camshaft, and timing chain correctly.

  • Cooling System & Heat Exchanger

This module contains in depth explanation on cooling system and heat exchanger components, how to fill up radiator fluid or coolant fluids, and how to clean the cooling fins.

  • Rotating Assembly and Engine Block

This module contains in depth explanation on rotating assembly components.

  • Intake and Exhaust System

This module contains in depth explanation on intake and exhaust system components, how to change and clean air filters, and about turbocharger.

We think that now is the perfect time to learn more about how VR technology works on heavy equipment industries, with further improvements and development we predict that this technology will be immeasurable and can help corporations to improve their business and operations.

ARULAB Excav VR is just one of the following samples on how we create and develop training simulation through VR technology. We have managed many previous projects (success stories) for our clients with customized VR solutions that achieve their desired results so we are very confident that we are qualified enough to collaborate with you, and we are always available to answer any questions related to the development of Immersive Technologies especially Virtual Reality. So what are you waiting for? Let’s collaborate with us! (S. Bagus Yudananto Nugroho – News)

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