360° Camera Technology Nowadays

Over the past few years, the evolution and rapid introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) devices has grown demand for 360° photo & videos especially in the entertainment sector, Business Insider predicted that the global VR market is forecast to grow at nearly 81% from 2016 to 2024.

Moreover,  360° cameras are also a great tool for sales & marketing purposes in the business sector. With this device, we can bring a good immersive experience to users because 360° cameras allow us to capture photo and video from every direction simultaneously and there’s no hiding behind the lens. But, what are 360° camera and what are the advantages of these devices? 

What is a 360° Camera?

360° camera are the new digital camera devices that allow the viewers to move around the photo and video without limits and giving them control of what they see. Simplest way to explain the definition of 360° camera is a photo or video recording where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, for example when you open our product “360°Virtual Office Tour” on https://www.360.arutala.id/, you will have a feeling that you are in the inside of ARUTALA’s office.

The Advantages of 360° Camera

If a photo is worth a thousand words, so how many words is a 360° photo & video worth? We could say that this is a new way of capturing the business project, this camera doesn’t require much effort either, since a 360° camera is always pointing in the right direction without any difficulties. When users view a 360° image or video, they are effectively positioned in the middle of the sphere. 

Utilizing 360° camera technology on all promotional platforms can bring the new level of the company’s marketing program. Based on the article from Business Insider, at least 70% of marketers who have used 360° video say it has increased engagement for customers, this technology also can create word of mouth effectively and most people who try 360° camera technology would tell their friend about it. 

360° Camera Devices

With Virtual Reality (VR) devices becoming more popular and platform like Youtube & Facebook supporting 360° photos & videos, it’s no surprise that there are lot’s of 360° cameras coming to market, such as Ricoh Theta, Rylo, YI 360 VR Camera, Insta360 One X, and GoPro Max. 

There are plenty of differences between them, and in ARUTALA we use GoPro Max. The main reason why we choose this device is because GoPro Max uses a wider lens that can shoot panorama photos only in a single shot, and has a HyperSmooth stabilization feature to make video look smooth. 

The Application of 360° Camera Technology

Well there are many ways to incorporate into your business needs through 360° Camera Technology . This technology can be implemented into several sectors, such as property, entertainment, and also tourism. Recently, we have succeeded in developing 360° products such as 360° 3D & Video Production and 360° Virtual Tours. But what is this?

  1. 360° 3D & Video Production by ARUTALA

360° 3D & Video Production is the most comprehensive way to make your customers feel like in the room, scenery, and environment you want them to be, because 360 3D and Video capture in every direction of your environment at the same time. If you want to see and learn about this product, you can view our portfolio through this link.

   2. 360° Virtual Tours by ARUTALA


360° Virtual Tours also is a great way to show what you have to offer and grab attention to your customers. This product also allows your customers to see every side of your property, scenery and or environment with a high resolution image. It is very helpful to maximise exposure, giving the new journey through our latest technology, and create an emotional connection to your potential customers. Don’t worry it is compatible with any devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers so they can use it easily, you can check it through https://www.360.arutala.id/.

Interested in how 360° technology can enhance your business? Check out our 360° product through https://aruvana.dojobox.id/services/video-360, where we provide more insight about the value of this technology and what the future holds. We are open for any 360° photo & video, 3D customization project to help you bring the most interactive experience to you customers. (S. Bagus Yudananto Nugroho – News)

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