Officially Released: Vinera, Virtual Reality (VR) Technology for Stroke Patients is Welcomed by the Government and Academics


In an extraordinary step towards modernizing healthcare services, Aruvana, in collaboration with PT Medika Brain Sejahtera, officially launched Vinera, an advanced Virtual Reality (VR) technology designed to revolutionize stroke rehabilitation.

This important event, which was held on October 7 2023 at the Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, presented remarks from stakeholders in the health sector, including the Chair of the Indonesian Association of Neurology Specialists (PERDOSNI) Dr. Dr. dr. Dodik Tugasworo P, Sp.S(K), Chief Digital Transformation Office (DTO) Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Setiaji, Chair of the Indonesian Neurology Collegium (KNI) Prof. Dr. dr. Syahrul, Sp.S. (K), and Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Products of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Muhammad Neil El Himam. This marks a significant step forward in the field of health technology.

Unlocking the Potential of VR in Stroke Rehabilitation:

Setiaji, Chief Digital Transformation Officer of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, praised the launch of Vinera as a beacon of innovation in a healthcare landscape that is rapidly digitizing. “Congratulations to Vinera for launching a very innovative product in the era of digitalization,” said Setiaji.

In an era where digital advances are rapidly shaping the healthcare sector, Vinera aims to pave the way for other initiatives, by offering extraordinary solutions, especially in stroke healthcare.

Setiaji, Chief Digital Transformation Officer of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, giving a speech

Dodik Tugasworo, Chair of the Association of Indonesian Neurology Specialists (PERDOSNI), and reminded again that stroke has been the main cause of death and disability in Indonesia since 2013 and underlined the gravity of this situation. Therefore, the need for innovation in stroke rehabilitation is very important.

Vinera offers a glimmer of hope, as it allows neurologists to collect objective neurorestoration data, integrating it with hospital records for ongoing research and improvement of neurology services. “We are optimistic that Vinera can be our contribution and pride to the world in efforts to cure stroke globally,” he said.

Dr. dr. Dodik Tugasworo P, Sp.S(K), Chair of the Association of Indonesian Neurology Specialists (PERDOSNI), giving a speech

Indonesia’s Proud Innovation

This launch event also demonstrated the collective pride and optimism of health experts, dr. Winnugroho Wiratman, Sp.N(K), Ph.D from PERDOSNI, Prof. Dr. Teguh AS Ranakusuma, Sp.N(K) from the Indonesian Stroke Foundation (YASTROKI), and Patota Tambunan from the Indonesian Ministry of Health’s DTO expressed their confidence in Vinera’s potential to have a significant impact on health services in Indonesia.

As an intellectual property-based initiative that emerged in Indonesia, Vinera promises to be a game changer in the world of health.

CEO of PT Aruvana Virtual Semesta, Indra Haryadi, expressed his gratitude for the support received from stakeholders and Pentahelix collaboration at the Vinera launch event. He explained that Vinera uses VR technology to bring innovation and gamification to post-stroke therapy.

This revolutionary approach empowers patients to recover more effectively and efficiently. With a gamification system, Vinera allows patients to perform therapeutic exercises independently while being supervised remotely by a therapist.

This approach produces higher intensity therapy than traditional methods. Vinera Medical Advisor, Dr. Henry, emphasized the potential of this innovative technology. He said, “Vinera opens up opportunities for people with neurological diseases to improve their quality of life with a revolutionary stand-alone therapy.”

Synergizing for Healthcare Innovation in Indonesia

With the support and collaboration of neurologists throughout Indonesia, Vinera can play an important role in accelerating the post-stroke recovery process, thereby bringing positive changes to the health industry.

The launch of Vinera not only marks innovation in the health sector but also introduces the concept of integrating VR technology into health services in collaboration with regulatory bodies, including the Indonesian Ministry of Health. It is hoped that this bold step towards progress will offer effective solutions for patients and health professionals throughout Indonesia.

Through synergy and collaboration, Vinera holds the promise of becoming more than just an innovative product. It aspires to be a genuine contributor to the cure for stroke and a beacon of hope for stroke survivors in Indonesia and beyond.

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