ARULAB Fueling VR: The New Way of Virtual Training in Oil & Gas Industry

In 2020, many people and corporations became more interested in Virtual Reality (VR), this industries are realizing that VR has many use cases for every sector by simulating real-life scenarios to train their employees. For companies the ability to provide a new way of virtual training allows for a more effective and efficient, and we found an insight that Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made this event more relevant to do virtual training to prevent the outbreak of this virus.

One of the industries that always faced enormous and varied risks concerning safety is the oil and gas Industry, and today maybe the challenge is more complex than before. Practical training of the service personnel in the oil and gas industry is exactly that expensive and risky such as health effects when handled by individuals, environmental damage, and fire explosion.

Based on this problem, we encourage to create ARULAB Fueling VR and helps the Oil and Gas Industry to arrange virtual training for their employees especially to learn and practice about the standard procedure of fueling at Gas Station. But, why is it so important? Refuelling can be a hazardous activity and the hazards are greater when highly flammable fuels such as petrol are being dispensed because petrol releases flammable vapours that expand into the atmosphere. 

ARULAB Fueling VR provides an immersive experience to the user by creating a 3D simulation of fueling procedure and this product turns down the risk of procedural error, ignition and any physical danger. With VR, oil and gas companies can hold practical training on its premises without actually ferrying the trainees to the gas station. There are several advantages of using VR in Oil and Gas industries, such as:

  • Safety to Reduce Workplace Accidents

ARULAB Fueling VR can reduce the number of accidents during training programs and the possibility to train new employees and familiarize them with the standard procedure of fueling without sending them to the Gas Station.

  • Faster Learning with Latest Technology

Provide the visual immersive experience and make the new employees literally learn by doing and able to practice and implement the standard procedure of fueling at Gas Station.

  • Improve Training Productivity and Helps to Reduce Training Expenses

Help the oil and gas companies to reduce the cost of conducting a typical training session and help to offer better training of their employees by having them experience a situation before they actually go on Gas Station.

  • Customized Training Course

Have much better possibilities at organizing on-demand or customized training for their employees who need to re-learn or take on training.

ARULAB Fueling VR is just a sample of a product that we have developed before, if you are interested in developing and collaborating with us, talk to us about it! We can discuss it and we will work out an innovative virtual reality program that will match your requirements. You might also be interested in some of the best examples of how Virtual Reality is already being used in business, learn more about it on where we provide lots of virtual training programs through immersive technology. (S. Bagus Yudananto Nugroho – News)

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