The Ultimate Guide to What to Know About Mixed Reality

Lately, several people have spoken about technology, both AR and VR. Well, there is a new technology that has recently become the talk of many people. In reality, Google Trends data shows that searches for this technology have increased by 5 times. Mixed Reality, or MR, is the name given to this technology.

Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino published “A Taxonomy of Mixed Reality Visual Displays” in 1994, which introduced the concept of MR technology. The idea of merging the virtual and physical worlds is discussed in this paper. Most technology enthusiasts speak about the idea of two worlds.

Some people are aware that Microsoft was the first company to incorporate Mixed Reality technology, with the introduction of Microsoft HoloLens in 2016. Cannon, on the other hand, was the first organization to use Mixed Reality, according to For almost a decade, this Cannon company has been offering Mixed Reality systems!

MR advances hit USD 553.27 in 2020, according to With a CAGR of 47.9%, this figure is forecast to rise to USD 5811.09 in 2026. According to the results, Asia Pacific has seen the highest market growth in marketing MR, while North America has the largest market.

The technology of MR can be used to help in the medical field. Martin J. Citardi, a rhinologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, was the first to use MR technology in the operating room in 2018. The sinuses are operated on using this MR, and the results are satisfactory.

Of course, the presence of MR technology would make it easier for humans to perform all activities. It will support not only in the health sector, but also in the fields of industry and education. It’s no surprise that Microsoft, Dell, HP, Magic Leap, and other technology firms are vying to develop MR glasses for their customers. 

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