Create Particle Fire Engine Unity

Engine Fire is a particle that is applied to the combustion of pistons on the engine, particle Engine Fire appears when the piston is moving. Engine Fire consists of particle Fire and particle Smoke.\"\"\"\"


  • Duration The length of time in seconds for the particle system to run. Leave this at the default value of 2.00.
  • Looping Repeatedly emit particles until the particle system stops. The cycle restarts once the Duration time is reached. The fire not needs to burn continuously, so leave this disable.
  • Start Delay The delay in seconds before the particle system starts emitting. Leave this at the default value of 0.4.
  • Start Lifetime The initial lifetime in seconds for the particles. The particle is destroyed after this elapsed time. Set the lifetime between 0.9 to 1.5 seconds. this ensures the flame won’t be too tall.
  • Start Speed The initial speed of the particles. The greater the speed of the particles, the more spread out they will be. Set the speed to 0.9. this will make the fire effect slower and more dense.
  • Start Size the initial size of the particles. Set the size between 0.5 to 1. this is a manageable size that lets you see the individual particles more clearly.
  • Scaling Mode After some digging, it turns out that there is a field Scaling Mode which can be set to Hierarchy. This will allow you to scale the particle via transform, and it will inherit from the parent as well. Select hierarchy so that the scale follows the parent.\"\"

2. Emission

The emission module provides control over how many particles are emitted.

  • Rate over Time the number of particles emitted per second. Set to Zero.
  • Bursts emission of extra particles at specific times during the duration of the system. Settings according to the table below.

3. Shape

This module defines the the volume or surface from which particles can be emitted, and the direction of the start velocity. The Shape property defines the shape of the emission volume, and the rest of the module properties vary depending on the Shape you choose.

  • Angle Angle of the cone. set angle cone to Zero.
  • Length Length of the cone. set length cone to 3.38.
  • Emit from Specifies from where particles are emitted. Choose Volume.\"\"

4. Velocity over Lifetime

  • Linear in Z Axis Apply linear velocity to particles. set Axis Z only to 1.\"\"

5. Color over Lifetime

  • Color Controls the color of each particle during its lifetime.\"\"

6. Size over Lifetime

  • Size Controls the size of each particle during its lifetime.\"\"

7. Trails

  • Lifetime how long each trail will last, relative to the life of the particle. set to 0.2 for a short lifetime.
  • Color over Lifetime The color of the trails during the lifetime of the particle they are attached to. select RGB color to Red.\"\"

8. Renderer

  • Custom Vertex Stream Choose wether to send custom particle data to the shader. enable for activate it.\"\"

(Anwar Safei – News)

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