ARUTALA to Launch The First Virtual Reality (VR) Store in Indonesia

Yogyakarta – In Indonesia, the COVID-19 pandemic is not only shifting the way consumers shop but also how they pay for their purchase to online transactions, where consumers are shopping online due to reduced face-to-face interactions. Based on the research from Bain and Facebook, the data indicated that online transaction in Southeast Asian has increased over 30% over the past six months (January-June 2020). 

As online transactions become the new normal of shopping behaviour, there is a huge opportunity for e-commerce to promote and sell their products. Many of the e-commerce companies are now trying to bring new experiences of selling methods for consumers, either through website and social media.

The Potential of Virtual Reality in the Future

But, not many people see the potential of Virtual Reality (VR) especially in the retail industry. Based on the data from Forbes, the global market of VR in retail will reach USD 1.6 billion by 2025 and implementation of this technology enables businesses to grow and increase financial prospects, especially to adapt to changing consumers behaviour during Covid-19.

Based on this potential data, ARUTALA in collaboration with Ecodoe will launch an innovative product through VR technology and it will be the first VR Store in Indonesia, called “Ecodoe VR Store”. This product will allow consumers to choose and buy the product virtually with 3D technology to make the shopping experience more realistic. 

Indra Haryadi, Chief of Executive Officer (CEO) ARUTALA, said that the purpose in developing this product is to give the secondary option for Ecodoe to maximize the marketing process with a touch of immersive product.

“We know that Ecodoe faces challenges to bring all their sample products to their consumers. Through this innovative product (VR Store), we want to help them so Ecodoe no longer needs to carry all the samples but simply bring the VR Store (with VR device – Oculus) to show all the catalogs list to their consumers,” Indra said.

Laras Widyawati, Founder & CEO of Ecodoe said that Ecodoe has a vision to always be one step ahead in the e-commerce industry for bringing the new shopping experience to their customers especially for providing shopping convenience through their platform.

Rich of Features

Indra added that the main feature of Ecodoe VR Store is virtual experience, so consumers can get detailed information by looking at the Ecodoe’s products as they would in a store using VR technology, and this could be the one of the brilliant shopping solutions during COVID-19 pandemic.

“We hope that all the e-commerce companies no longer find difficulties in selling their products and we want to take customer engagement to a whole new level by providing customers with VR tours of the store from their homes, the same as shopping activity in the Mall,” Indra said.

Indra believes that in the future, VR are going to play a huge role in this services industry and will help companies retain their customers and achieve profits even in a highly competitive market.

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