VR Based Teleconsultation, A Virtual Safe Space For Violence Cases Against Women And ChildrenA Collaboration From Aruvana & RS Bayangkara H.S Samseori Mertojoso, Surabaya

Today, metaverse technology is at the forefront of technology that can change the way people work, play, learn and interact. Through collaboration with Aruvana, it marks the readiness of Bhayangkara Hospital H.S Samsoeri Mertojoso Surabaya, to enter the world of metaverse. We are always committed to providing procedural, professional and plenary health services to the community through various innovations and strategic steps including digitalization and virtualization. Therefore, we present applications based on Virtual Reality technology to improve the quality of service to the public.

KOMBES POL drg. Agung Hadi Wijanarko, Sp. BM
RS Bhayangkara H.S Samsoeri Mertojoso


The issue of violence against women and children is a deeply ingrained problem that concerns society. The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) noted that as many as 25,050 women were victims of violence in Indonesia throughout 2022. This number increased by 15.2% from the previous year of 21,753 cases ((Rizaty. 2022. Dataindonesia.id, 19 Agustus 2023). This escalation does not only show that this problem still exists but also urges it to be dealt with comprehensively.

Each year, thousands of cases of violence are recorded, and this figure only represents reported cases. Many other cases may remain hidden for various reasons, including stigma, fear, and lack of access to safe and confidential health services. Victims of violence, particularly women and children, often grapple with the fear of societal judgment. They face significant emotional stress and find it challenging to express their experiences, especially when interacting directly with medical personnel or law enforcement officials, which hinders them from seeking help and justice.

In addition, the lack of access to safe and confidential health services further exacerbates this problem. In this context, it needs to be acknowledged that adequate and sensitive health services for victims of violence are still a challenge. Therefore, it is important to increase efforts to provide consultation services for victims of violence. They need to be given a safe and supportive space where they can speak without fear or judgment.  A space where their concerns are addressed with empathy and understanding. Platforms like these not only lighten the emotional burden of victims but also foster an environment to gather important information for proper handling of cases and further investigations. This effort will also help gather important information for handling and further investigation of cases.

The emergence of metaverse technologies, including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), presents potential solutions to this challenge. This technology offers a unique and transformative approach by creating a virtual environment in which victims can share their experiences and seek help in a more secure and private way, reducing the emotional burden associated with face-to-face interactions.


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