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Optimize your excavator training experience through an innovative interactive virtual reality platform. Provide immersive e-learning and virtual training risk that has lower risk of accidents.Freely explore the excavator parts, understand the risks and dangers in a safe and supervised environment. Overcome emerging challenges and improve mechanical skills through immersive technology. Get maximum results with lower risk and lower cost in a completely altered reality.


About ARULAB Excav

ARULAB Excav VR is simulations with realistic machine controls to help and optimize excavator training with less risk, less cost, but maximum results. This product offers a way to provide immersive e-learning and virtual training experience without having to visit an on-site location. The module of this product is to know how to do assembly and disassembly in the engine, how processes occur in the engine, and how to do maintenance processes in the engine. This product also offers a new way of implementing technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

With lots of features, this product can provide different training scenarios, even the riskiest ones. Trainees can learn how to behave in extreme situations in a completely safe environment, it takes trainees through real-life scenarios which makes the whole training much more interesting and memorable.


Actual Unit Model

Multiple Environment Type

Operation Training

Procedural Safety Operational Training


Provides a Virtual Environment that Mirrors Actual Work Conditions

Minimizing Accidental Risk

Engage Employee to Advance their Skills and Competency