Gama Dentical XR

Enhancing Pre-Clinical Dentistry Education with Virtual Reality-based Simulators: A Collaboration of Aruvana and Gadjah Mada University

Company: FKG UGM

PRODUCT: Extended Reality (XR)

INDUSTRY: Education

"If we trace the education system in dentistry, there are indeed many layers. We hope that the application of VR can make the part of the pre-clinical skill lab more interactive and not monotonous. And the expectations for its application are clearly numerous. Therefore, we really hope that this development does not stop here, but later there will also be trials and evaluations so that later we can turn the virtual world into a fun educational facility for students and also in the end they have more qualified skills, breaking boundaries that we cannot break in the real world."
drg. Osa Amila Hafiyyah MDSc. Sp. Perio
Doctor and lecturer at FKG UGM


Dental education has evolved over the years and various technologies have been integrated into teaching methods to enhance students’ pre-clinical skills and enable a smooth transition to clinical practice.

In the previous learning system, clinical skills that approached clinical settings were carried out by proband action practicum between friends. The proband is usually a person who is willing to be a subject in a clinical simulation. Practicum activities involving friends’ probands are considered to represent the patient’s condition because they use probands. As attention is being paid to ethical aspects in medicine, direct-to-human learning is discouraged.

Another challenge is the difficulty for dental students to observe and study the anatomy of the oral cavity in the real world. Traditional pre-clinical dental education requires significant investment in dental models, mannequins, and other materials. Virtual Reality can overcome these challenges and provide opportunities for students to learn pre-clinical dentistry skills directly according to the settings and situations in the clinical service environment.


Gama Dentical XR is a new innovation in learning dental lab skills based on Virtual Reality which is intended to introduce undergraduate students of the Faculty of Dentistry, Gadjah Mada University and students in the pre-clinical phase regarding several Standard Operating Procedure in treating patients. 


This app was developed by Aruvana, in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry UGM through the Kedaireka program (Kerja Sama Dunia Usaha dan Kreasi Reka) as a flexible and easily accessible solution for pre-clinical dentistry education where application content such as procedures and techniques can be updated to allow for adaptation to a dynamic curriculum tailored to the needs of dental education.


Gama Dentical XR gives students unlimited opportunities to practice clinical procedures in a safe and controlled environment. Students can repeat procedures, receive instant feedback, and learn from mistakes without compromising patient safety.


By using Gama Dentical XR, students can access simulations of different patient cases with varying degrees of severity. They can practice their skills on a variety of patient cases, including cases that may rarely be found in a clinic or puskesmas environment. This can help students to broaden their understanding of patient conditions and improve skills in planning and providing appropriate dental care.


Overall, Gama Dentical XR as a VR simulator for preclinical dentistry education offers a solution that can enhance the learning experience of dental students. With a realistic and immersive learning environment, enhanced hands-on experience, flexibility and accessibility, Gama Dentical XR can contribute to improving the quality of pre-clinical dental education and preparing students for successful clinical practice.


Eliminating boundaries in interacting with patients

Reducing the cost of procuring tools and materials for pre-clinics

Possible to complete rare case execution setup

Increase the efficiency of training and learning time

“We believe that Gama Dentical XR has great potential to revolutionize dental education. VR provides a safe and immersive virtual environment, enabling students to practice clinical procedures more efficiently and effectively. This not only leads to an increase in students' clinical competence, but also reduces costs associated with procuring physical tools and materials for pre-clinical practice. In collaboration with the UGM Faculty of Dentistry, we are continuously working to improve immersive technology-based applications to meet the growing needs of dental education.”
Indra Haryadi
Chief of Executive Officer ARUVANA